Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chris Carter Paints the Spirit of the PHJB

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band just wrapped up a wonderful performance at ArtsQuest River Jazz Festival in Bethlehem, PA this past weekend. During the band's performance, a life long Preservation Hall fan by the name of Chris Carter, painted several on-the-spot portraits of the PHJB musicians. Ms. Carter's renderings are too spiritual to keep to ourselves, so with her permission (as well as the musicians), I'd like to share them with you today!

Freddie Lonzo, Mark Braud, and Charlie Gabriel of the PHJB

"Last night I attended the performance of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  The first time I saw them was when I was eight years old.  I am now 60.  It was a fabulous experience.  During the performance, I created several drawings/paintings of the musicians and would like to share them with those musicians.  I also want to thank the musicians for giving me permission to paint during the performance."-Chris Carter

Rickie Monie of the PHJB

"My goal is to express the rhythms and the great energy of the musicians.  I especially like the ink drawing of Rickie Monie as he played His eye is on the sparrow."-Chris Carter

Jeffery Hills playing Tuba

Please visit Chris Carter's WEBSITE for more paintings

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Chris Carter said...

Thanks for posting my paintings! What a thrill to have the opportunity, after all these years, to express in paint, my love of their music.