Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Several Entrants, 2 Winners! (so far...)

Thanks for everyone who's sent in an entry for our contest so far!

We have 2 Winners to announce:
1.) Grace Wilson of New Orleans
2.) smudgi (We don't know smudgi's real name, yet!)

Still waiting for one more correct quiz response. It seems question number 5 is the one that's tripping everyone up. :)

A hint: It wasn't Elvis.

Keep sending them in, folks!

Preservation Hall

A link to the original contest Quiz:


Colleen said...

Smudgi is Michael Samardzija -- he ran one of the big Facebook fan groups for the Jazz Fest this spring.

I hope my name is on the list soon, too!

Andy said...

Elvis was such a tempting answer. I couldn't resist.