Saturday, June 27, 2009

And The Winners Are...

-Grace Wilson,
-Michael Samardzija


-Aaron Wood-Snyderman!

Thanks to everybody who entered!

For those who have asked, the New Orleans Preservation, Vol. 1 special edition Boxed Collection will be available at our online store very soon. Keep an eye out for coming updates!

Winners: you'll be hearing from us soon!

~Preservation Hall.


Bill Anderson said...

What are the correct answers to the contest questions???

Ron Rona said...
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J. Lloyd Miller said...

1.) 1961
2.) Larry Borenstein
3.) Charlie Gabriel
4.) Wendell Brunious and John Brunious Jr.
5.) Maxie Fields (played by Walter Matthau)

Thanks for playing, Bill! You were the first to send in answers! (Just that last one that tripped ya up.)

Everything's Lovely,
~Preservation Hall

aaron said...

Can't begin to express how awesome that gift box is. Those old pictures and promotional posters are just amazing, and the video and cassette and CD (which I gave to my dad, as I already have one!) are all great. Everything is already framed and on my walls, and now I just need to get down to St. Peter Street so I can enjoy some great music LIVE!

Thanks y'all!