Monday, August 8, 2011

a sweet note from Positive Vibrations

Just received a sweet thank you note from our friends at Positive Vibrations Foundation.  A few weeks back they joined our Preservation Hall Junior Jazz & Heritage Brass Band for Family Day at The Ogden Museum of Southern Art.
About Positive Vibrations Foundation:
Positive Vibrations Foundation is a non-profit private operating foundation formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as defined by IRS section 501(c)(3). The mission of the Positive Vibrations Foundation is to create and encourage community through the development and preservation of the arts, music, culture and heritage. The Foundation promotes and underwrites music for progressive community events and awards sixteen full fellowship grants to outstanding teen musicians worldwide for its annual Summer Arts through Culture Program. The educational program is conducted in New Orleans, Louisiana each June. Fellows return to their home communities prepared to execute a Pay it Forward Project. These are service projects developed in partnership with the foundation which involve the Fellows taking on the challenge of improving a condition in their home community.


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