Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poppa Neutrino, R.I.P.

Sad news from Ingrid Lucia:

Dear Family, Friends and Fans,

Poppa Neutrino passed away yesterday at university Hospital in New Orleans.  As unbelievably saddened as I am to lose my father, muse, teacher and best friend, I am heartened by the full life he lived and the friends he had.  He was a self taught man who wanted to help people attain their "Three deepest desires" in life.  He had no interest in material belongings,and would make a habit of fresh starts by giving everything away to whoever might need it.  He was a teacher, raft builder, musician and world adventurer.  I don't know another person who lived their lives to the very fullest more than my dad.  I also know that he did not want to be dependent on anyone ever.  His body was slowly deteriorating from congestive heart failure.

I believe he chose his departure date so he could leave on a high note. I am honored he chose to be here, close to me.  I brought him dinner at the hospital at 8PM on Saturday.  As he was eating his Ice cream with a big smile of love and joy on his face, he hugged me and said to "Be careful" on my way to my show. I said he should call me in the morning when he was up, as he was planning on checking out at 2PM the next day.  A few hours later he passed away from breathing complications.  He had requested to be cremated.  Poppa Neutrino had no insurance or money. He never placed his values on them. And that is what he taught his children.  We are asking for donations to apply toward the cremation and memorial Second Line for "The happiest man in the world"  We are planning a date approximately a month from now to hold a big party and send off for him. I know that would have made him so happy.  He always told the story about his step dad's funeral and how many people came out to pay their respects. He always said that is how you gauge the success of a man.  I hope you will join us in celebrating the life of William David Pearlman AKA Poppa Neutrino.

Sincerely and with love,
Ingrid Lucia
"Daughter of the Hero"
January 24 3:52pm

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damie said...

We love Poppa. We will be there for the memorial.We hear it is supposed to be Feb 19th. We are deeply sorry for your loss.