Thursday, June 10, 2010

PHJB Concert Review: June 1 / Orlando, FL (via

Some nice words about last week's show in Orlando:
This Little Underground
By Bao Le-Huu
...The Preservation Hall Jazz Band show (June 1, Plaza Theatre) was an outstandingly immersive occasion. Being in a classic setting pregnant with history while listening to music with even deeper roots makes for a uniquely transporting experience. The live personification of the French Quarter record label and venue (a tradition dating back to the ‘60s), the PHJB are torchbearers of New Orleans jazz. But rather than relics or campy knockoffs, the band plays in a way that captures the fire of youth from which that music was originally forged. All of it culminated in a finale where the band left the stage and led a dance line up and down the theater aisles. And lemme tell you, those blue hairs got up outta their seats and got down faster than you kids normally do.

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